"While utilizing my computer with its "millions of colors" and sophisticated technology to paint my hand-drawn Cartoon Cel Animation, I discovered the infinite possibilities that this contemporary painting tool presented for creating the ultimate art of My Graphic Imagination.

No longer encumbered by the difficulties of manipulating airbrushes, masking tools, oil paints, acrylic paints, brushes and palette knives, standing on ladders or bending over canvases, as I did in the past, I can now sit at my computer and let my imagination fly.

I prefer abstraction to realism because it allows me the freedom to manipulate the basics of art which encompass shape, color, composition, spacial interplay and imaginative designs to suit my esthetic need rather than to embellish a reality that already exists.


The final art in digital form is then transferred by disc to a large 54" inkjet printer which prints my art onto canvas.